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sth. you will when we will eye. i won t miss the eight quarter report for learning more about how the intelligence agency smith led the us government in the about their torture and interrogation techniques plan to leave details just had and this growth between nato and russia nato has suspended its cooperation with russia his relations regarding the future. read more on that coming out. anz indies team local residents headed to the polls a primary candidate from the city scandal plagued me or keep his job more on
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today's election leader and shout. it's moved a people person. in washington d c i'm irritated if you're watching our team aircraft. why would i as appearing man fled the us government and the for years about aspects of a controversial interrogation program concealing details of harsh treatment a detainee is this is all according to a report released by the washington post that were until the boss of the u s officials who have already seen a forthcoming senate intelligence committee report is expected to expose the prop the program according to us officials remain anonymous the sixty three hundred page report includes would be described as disclosures regarding the sprawling network of secret detention facilities or black sites the sites were ultimately dismantle by president obama in two thousand nine of the four men prisoners were allegedly
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subjected to harsh interrogation techniques when alice where cher there was no information. prisoners can reveal. a spokesman for the friday said the agency had not yet seen the final version of the report and therefore cannot comment. but to talk about this a little bit more. i was going to earlier by marcy wheeler a reporter at ntu dot net and a first answer if she was surprised by these conclusions. so why not at all because they own parallel planes taking off the record to nine why do i take a look at what one anonymous us official told the washington post that officials said. if the ita described its program repeatedly being built in the department of justice and eventually to compress and getting me otherwise unattainable intelligence that helped disrupt plots and see thousands of lives what i actually true the answer is now defined
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what officials were told that if cit do you think it's possible that they knew all along i that this program was yielding valuable intelligence that information they meet in congress and dha i am. may you have to go one by one of the people i i think congress. mostly cause briefings on what kind of intelligence. the day. many cio is presented as the c i a day were getting detainee is they were getting it without much detail on where it came from so for example. shirley claimed that the ci has elicited things from the lake of the zoo by at that actually came from the fbi or came from other cis sources because we know that they did that. they surely claims that they had gotten information after torturing people when they actually caught it before they started torturing people we know they did that for example with the kids across the globe who ultimately lead to osama bin
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laden. and as far as doj i can get to it tomorrow the question i think the nj was talkin position of approving torture after ten thirty started. and it was kind of snowball rolling rolling downhill and people didn't wanna skate canada way of that snowball and say you know this is waterboarding the uk two years ago with the legal because then they'd have to go prosecute these people. so i think that the videotape people had suspicions that they are being suckered by the c i a they were getting on different kinds of requests for the caa they're getting requests for kinder. they were getting document and being told you already approved dance and piano duet but couldn't say no actually we didn't and i think that should have alerted everyone to get that be a day that c i a was doing things far beyond what the a ten hundred unauthorized but only found that the people in the ak seem to care. at the very
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least it seems like there is a major miscommunication at hand. i will reform remains classified. the senate intelligence committee is expected to vote on thursday to sign an executive summary of the report to president obama for good classification now if that doesn t happen and what more might you imagine this report to reveal i can be a stronger case me for a lot of the things that we learn and teach after nine were to learn that not just about what kind of intelligence take out also whether you see i alerted congress and all that they were torturing when he learned to take it or to learn that the repeated the whole tadpole congress things that were simply not true about the conduct of torture. i think we're gonna learn that we know. for example what was done badly to buy and the false claims they needed to buy it when our lot less about people who were tortured later. for example some cool so i think we're going to learn a lot of new decals with respect to
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him and that's important because he was a key person meeting to osama bin london and he had to file reports started to cooperate and then only later that day they start to torture him so if you read is a lot more profits but the legality of the top. kissing me that cheney was asked in an interview at american university. just last week and how these programs. any allegation that the war criminal. i wanted to go with it and then ask your question some people call it torture wasn't torture. we were very careful in all respects. by the global media. legal opinion to the justice department with respect to what we can do what we can do the attorney general the united states to sign off on each of these programs the united states and so often i hear the council had approved them. there's this notion that torture and all
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um that's not true. so he said everything was legal he doesn't consider it torture this is after of course it's more widely acceptable that a wise and humane got his defense i mean i was thinking that each team this week has been in that context is that if the president signs off on something it's not torture but obviously not true presence all over the world and to cater to all of the world. i now find things that are torture. their signature doesn't change whether it's torture. i think you know that once people probably start discussing this as torture which it clearly was meant to be in advent and cheney. it becomes harder for dictated to them like for us because he clearly chose to do this he set out to do it. he's the one who lead it. his lawyer david addington and whiskey honey approvals for it and so of course he's going to deny that it was torture because he doesn't want to be branded as a war
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criminal but a thick that it didn't upset at this point for him to claim that no person c i has also been making news over a collective spine on the senate intelligence committee to conduct its review of this program. congressional officials have strongly condemned the agency including a senator dianne feinstein for doing this the only three months while out in dc yesterday. gagne do you think we will see tiny fallout for the three or four you know it's head. john brennan. of course. i think that as things heated up. i think obama got involved. joe biden got involved. jerry reed. then they found a way to move forward. let me know if the angsty and congress were snooping congress's files. this is not the first time they've done stuff like that as time went in to get it done and this is the third time they've done it. they disappeared from other files
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that were a bunch of files with you today's opponents get there. there are top class by that document. and and nothing is ever happened to c i and all of this and probably the reason why is the authorization the torture program. as cheney just said it came directly from president bush so if you're going to start holding see i am responsible. you're also going to have acknowledged the president's could be held responsible for the torture that they signed off on and i don't think people are ready to do that either. marcy wheeler reporter at mt know that mac things for waiting and. thanks. and now on to the latest revelation involving the nsa. according to documents obtained by readers the u s intelligence agency persuaded a western christian company to develop more vulnerable system making it easier for the nsa to spy on business is rt twenty france has more understanding how a computer network security company pioneered its field in this case rsa would cause him to a
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government agency bent on mass surveillance might seem a bit confusing. then again you can all be quite simple if you are ninety and two were talking about the same and the widely new security tokens. there is a corporation of the world over for employees to walk into their workstations. it turns out are if they didn't just that one type of easy to crack encryption software in its context. but tool for the government. back in december reuters reported that rsa media specific algorithm dealing with a curved be defiled option is the safe security token which the deliberate flock or back door if they call it that allowed the nsa to cracking trips to the idea was for a reported ten million dollars the latest discovery share that reuters by university researchers alleges that rsa also implemented a second security tool known as extended random. the report researchers note that it can take our essays don't let the curve and cracking tens of thousands of times faster
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and it doesn't seem to provide any security benefits the history of the company doesn't seem to jive with all of this until we look at recent political history. rsa security was founded in nineteen eighty two. never cut the power of the nsa. in fact this is what is and president rsa. james is good so i said back in nineteen ninety four. almost ten years and going toe to toe with these people are for me the success of this company is the worst thing that could happen to them did and we are the real enemy with the real targets we have the systems that are most afraid of. well that's not to lead and extended an essay commissions on cover ten million dollar deal between its tail and you have that's a statement from rsa. we made the decision in the context of an industry wide effort to develop newer stronger methods of encryption at the time of the nsa had a toasted roll in the community a community wide effort to strengthen not weaken encryption. microsoft
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research has exposed the weaknesses in the coat back in two thousand seven they continued to list at the fall choice for another five years. on the heels of the southern lakes on to say knowledge is a discontinued the software's here's to six months. now thirty one de france. alright well at the end this year the united states longest war in afghanistan will officially come to an end. since the start of combat operations the us has poured billions of dollars into the country focusing specifically on campus structure and living conditions but were now finding out that hundreds of millions of those dollars have been all right we said where small and by corruption archie who see cavanagh has the story. i think of more than two billion dollars of road and highway construction here in afghanistan the project elephant a symbol of hope is now falling apart into many areas look something like this. here in kabul. the country more than ten thousand while to grow
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them to leave constructed by western donors. the part others have been shredded by the way down by insurgents what's more. unable to contain even affection constructed in two thousand to one. kiera and there was more to officially come to an end to the start of combat operations the us and one hundred billion dollars to help rebuild afghanistan. if the projects were well intentioned and some certainly did help improve life. much of that spending has helped fuel production and length. i want the money had disappeared unaccounted for. the cool part the international community meeting. pour into wine the doc when the money has gone. when you let on that hospital in afghanistan. one
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thousd dollarsye eight the reconstructed. doctors havbeen fced t watch him thinking i'm a bit of river water. and mildew the guillotine barely any equipment. a handful of light bulb the title to any modern military or police force the eu wide eyed. i think the training of afghan soldiers. the program was meant to ensure all new boots were able to count their own name. like two hundred million dollars from the program. what kind of afghan forces remain erect military heauarters the size of two football fields. one must use it the defense department and thirty one million dollars building that. who leaves a mark of war operations center with tiered seating a briefing here is what the force that haven't been
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thinking of withdrawing from the area and the purity of never been occupied like that however having been used strategy afghanistan alike more and more and bigger and quicker project so called civilian surge to win hearts and minds. much of the pending in the field heavily dependent on foreign aid. the westerners hundred dollars helpful. kabul for our team. and now into the latest on the train today nato said it will suspend all practical civilian and military cooperation with russia saying it saw no sign that moscow was withdrawing troops from the ukrainian border. foreign ministers from the twenty eight members of the western military alliance met in brussels today for the first time since the cranium referendum here's our t's marina point nine am with more. benito is suspending all its civilian and military cooperation with
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russia. it's not clear that its response to a lot of russia's aggression in ukraine and its annexation of crying yet. we have decided to suspend old practical civilian doing three cooperation between nato and russia. our political dialogue and an aid to russia council can continue as necessary. in this story level and above. to allow us to exchange views. first and foremost the crisis. now some teal political experts say that nato is essentially shooting itself in the foot by picking ukraine or russia because we have to keep in mind that more than a decade nato and russia have cooperated on a variety of security issues such as fighting terrorism and piracy as well as training counter narcotics personnel from pakistan and afghanistan and other central east russia has also played a pivotal goal by facilitating untimely end in the air transfers a book witness to the international security force in afghanistan
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then i felt i'd need of countries to help the united states. the filing tuesday in brussels. the western alliance that has this statement calling on my scalp to reduce its troop number i'd intended to pre crisis levels. i also would drop them by their bases and keeper of military activity along the border with ukraine. no police reports ukraine's foreign minister has asked nato to provide you with radars and other technical and military. but it's odd because i am reading officials say the needs for their borders. the official last friday's theme rebuke currently buying the dove ministers and that this all comes as nato says it will be implementing an immediate and longer term measures to strengthen ukraine's security i measure side including the joint military drill right next to russia's borders. like ta tas known as archie is reporting by the eagles encroachment
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around russia is not new it's been going on. over the past few decades for more on that story and turned to my colleague nine each. the us has received the alarm over russia conducting a live tree exercises on its own territory i raised with the foreign minister. our strong concern about these forces. despite the light fading its warships and ideas around the world with drills and east europe right on russia's doorstep the referendum in crimea that saw the region joined russia is now touted as a reason to bolster needle. we do. more to ensure that the regular nato presence among some of these states that may feel vulnerable. it is executed that it stated that the motivating force behind the movies to guarantee europe security scared. korean war expectations for history
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the contrast between what the us as a whip made of dust became most obvious in the nineteen nineties when the millet realign started extending eastwards. despite a promise given to moscow before the collapse of the soviet union. we are ready now to the sudanese army i'd say that you're meant to treat kids the soviet union after a security guarantee. fast forward twenty four years the accession of eastern european countries to nato was one of the greatest success stories of our time but the task is not yet complete. in nineteen ninety when the commitment was made to moscow not to expand sixteen nations were part of nato. later twelve more joint all of them got it close to the russian front here. more members could be underway we're talking about the stench of global military network that can strike anywhere that happens. at a moment's notice and can overwhelm other nations with no turn superiority which is
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on each count. the only time in history. isn't that smart on john's military's brutal intended only to the point and to employ. after the us offered a helping hand to put a new government in kiev ukraine is now holding talks with the knowledge that alliance in brussels although officials maintain its joining nato is not a priority for the country which is due to time for all of this stand with your opinion people in support of their territorial integrity the shop. and we are doing in response to the us and its allies callingl media and a major fracture encircled by a nato base is saying russia wants war. look how close they put their country to hour basis. on a more serious note they do to your crush is so unbalanced here are some selections from two to do more to the people in the future knitting in washington where
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the force of nature and its air force. or a foreigner in march. sixty five years ago well they signed the north atlantic treaty in this building in the us capital the military alliance was designed to counter the threat of the soviet union. the site disappeared when the soviet union collapsed but instead of winding down operations in the bill to expand the moving closer and closer to russia's borders. so should come as surprise that led to no longer believes us claims about. meet those goals and plans for the future washington i'm getting sick or tea. and now to call the new mexico where the department of energy says for more workers were contaminated with low levels of radiation during our week at the federal government underground nuclear waste on the gop now said that tests show a total of twenty one workers have received low doses of radiation. today the department said it plans to send a team of eight
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experts into the mine to begin setting up bases from which they can start investigating what caused the week. the waste isolation pilot plant is the nation's only permanent underground repository for low level radioactive waste from nuclear weapons facilities however that the filly had been out of operation since february when a sharp rise in radiation levels but it leads to a meek and one of the underground tunnels storing radioactive waste about six hundred meters underground. this abbreviation eventually made it into the plants surrounding area and was detected in the air by nearby monitoring stations. despite the alarming news planned and government officials have maintained that the amount of radiation released did not constitute a threat to health. alright well today is election day in washington dc incumbent mayor vincent gray has long been considered the favourite to take the helm for the second term
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the real corruption scandal involving the mayor could result in his indictment leaving the mayor ship of the nation's capital completely up for grabs our cheeses ham sap has more voters in washington dc in head to the polls today to pick up a new mayor the democratic primary in the winner today is all but guaranteed to move on and win the general action as well the big question today is whether or not the city's current mayor vincent gray can survive corruption allegations to go on and win a second term. five individuals associated with the mayor's two thousand ten campaign. marty played guilty to operating an illegal campaign slush fund something that federal prosecutors say the mayor was aware a mini there's a strong chance that even if re elected. gray may be indicted as well. let's weigh heavily on voters as the washington post poll shows that sixty one percent of voters don't think they are great distress for that. nearly half of
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the sea voters that the allegations against them there are a major factor in their vote. i'm hoping to capitalize on these concerns are a slew of democratic candidates looking to unseeded mayor. but most have been unable to gain any traction with voters the lone exception. city councilman marital balance there. this man has distinguished herself as the main challenger to mayor greg. in fact the most recent poll shows bows are actually pulling ahead of grant with thirty percent of the vote but still well within the margin of error. now given the scandal surrounding the mayor and the general lack of enthusiasm for any of the other candidates. this is expecting historically low voter turnout this year. use of numbers only fourteen thousand voters took advantage of early voting over the previous two weeks which is considerably lower than the twenty two thousand voters to early voted back in two thousand ten. also today d c voters will continue
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their push for statehood. by electing to shadow senators and a shuttle representative to congress. although these positions are unpaved and essentially have no power they exist to lobby congress to grant the district state currently there over a half million residents living in washington dc. we do not have a voice in congress. as long as the district is not considered a state. so that's the news around the nation's capital which may take a first step toward electing a new mayor today. as always continue its long struggle for statehood. in washington dc is ersatz art it. well we're constantly bombarded by smartphone and finding ways for us to be more social or integrated with one another i napped then allows you to do the exact fit. money introduce you to cloak its oso social media application that uses your location data from four square and instead ran to pinpoint where you
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work with this ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends are hanging out why the law so that you can avoid them. of course the new application allows you to flag individuals on your contacts list and then bring their last known location and if that's not good enough for you to reveal the location information of all of your friends see you potentially never have to run into anyone ever again. as ridiculous as that sounds. i can assure you it's not ideal for false job so for those of you looking for in anti social network to tap into the founder match add to that for now for more on the stories we covered the youtube dot com slash our team era. check out our website our t dot com flashing a thing. not to follow me on twitter and here he said. oh well. more and
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more when it's organic. they spoke about protesters rallied and britain. twitter is so effective that of the protesters communicate countries actually banished to quell protests. great way to help protesters get together. the fire. lily helped them organize their goal was to be updated. i
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meant it. jack is at your head. now men have called me up with just two weeks. in general. i know that i keep a wall street at ten fifty when i read their hand to indicate their approval for jackson took a photo. they had the ancient greek play but i will leave with you for all the cool alternative to iron out i mean the superior not that bad weather yesterday. it can be heard not much in the family was elected to represent typing the command of the corrupted by greed and power the problem with genoa me that it had happened to her said the problem and even now exactly and wondered at the one in the crowd they agreed to the proposal. i can get an accurate reading when rubio and the general assembly not up to lewis led
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the group suggests the proposal is that there may i make changes and will look like or don't like to get to do that i planned it but you stuck in traffic or can get to the protests to get out that the court not still registering your boy the very basic hat for a candidate with a high target for the already being used around the world. how different areas for good victory here working on a more robust data. anyway i bought my representative to make official. but why people can make with one another. we went and perfect for that i get high wall street movement will be perfect for whatever comes banking corporation are ruining the country in the ninth to talk about that
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by piling on but after that check. the i was. uss on this edition of the nice wine and wednesday pro seconds and counting comanche in tokyo the bonito have agreed to suspend all practical cooperation with the russian foreign ministers from the twenty eight nation alliance wanted to punish russian leaders with an extension of crimea. the head of nato says russia's actions mean there can be no business as usual. we waited intend to t


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